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Music Buzzz Podcast - Ep. 49: Cory Lerios & David Jenkins (Pablo Cruise)

EPISODE SUMMARY ABOUT CORY LERIOS & DAVID JENKINS: Cory Lerios and David Jenkins are both founding and current members of the legendary San Francisco band, Pablo Cruise. From 1975 to 1985 the band toured the U.S., Canada and Japan extensively, reaching the top 10 with mega hits like “Whatcha Gonna Do?” and “Love Will Find A Way,”and several other top 20’s. The band went on to sell several million albums and singles collectively and established themselves as well respected writers and performers within the industry. EPISODE NOTES ABOUT THE PODCAST: Candid discussions with and about those behind the scenes in the music business including industry veterans representing the segments of: Musician, Design & Live ABOUT THE HOSTS: All three Music Buzzz Podcast hosts (Dane Clark, Hugh Syme and Andy Wilson) have spent their careers working with the biggest names in entertainment and have been, and still are, a fly on the wall.

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